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Natural Resources Team

The Natural Resources Team plays a pivotal role in preserving and managing the natural beauty of our regional parks and open spaces. Their efforts encompass habitat management, wildlife monitoring, and invasive species control to ensure the longevity and resilience of ecosystems. The team leverages technologies like drones, field maps and ArcGIS Online as these tools play a crucial role in their commitment to data-driven decision-making.

Apart from their technical initiatives, the team conducts various surveys throughout the year to collect and analyze data. These efforts contribute to informed decision-making processes and guide conservation strategies. To learn more about their findings and insights into these methods, visit RPTOS Natural Resources Report 2023 ( for a comprehensive overview of the Natural Resources Team's work within regional parks and open spaces. The StoryMap also includes a deeper dive into individual surveys and results demonstrating their commitment to preserving the ecological integrity of our beloved parks.