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Marijuana Facility Guidance Document

Scope of the document:

Information contained within the Marijuana Facility Guidance document is provided to assist members of the Fire Marshals Association of Colorado (FMAC) and the marijuana industry with applicable code requirements and best practices as the code relates to cultivation, extraction processes, and the businesses related to medical and recreational marijuana. Because every process and building differs, and every jurisdiction operates differently, this document is not intended to identify or discuss every code and standard requirement. 

In this document, the terms, marijuana facility and marijuana, applies to both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Each jurisdiction should consult licensing laws specific to these facilities.

Purpose of the document:

The purpose of this document is to provide a reasonable level of life safety and property protection from the hazards associated within marijuana industries.

Applicability of the document:

This guideline applies to the process of growing (cultivating) marijuana and extracting oils from marijuana.  The guide can also be applied to the hemp industry as the cultivation and oil extraction process of this plant material is the same as marijuana. 

It should be noted that any indoor plant cultivation process should consider the code references cited in this document.  Although marijuana is unique in its recent popularity, legalization debate, and high demand for the product, the growing of any indoor plants, of any variety, in high volume would be required to follow the code references and considerations outlined in this document.