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Pre-Application Meeting (Voluntary)

At the Provider’s request, the Office of Innovation and Sustainability (OIS) will coordinate a meeting between the Providers and the appropriate parties within the City.  At this meeting, we will discuss proposed facility deployments and all necessary permits, fees, and other requirements related to those deployments.  City stakeholders include OIS, Department of Information Technology (IT), Department of Public Works, Department of Planning, and Colorado Springs Utilities.

Joshua Pace
Phone:  (719) 385-5272

Pre-Application Documents

1. Preliminary drawings 

Applications and Permits

After the Pre-Application meeting, or in lieu of the Pre-Application meeting, Providers may begin the process of completing applicable permit applications and forms.  The required permits and forms, and the associated points of contact for each are listed below. 

  1. Right of Way Permits

Excavation Permits are the most common Right of Way Permits issued for telecommunications purposes. Additionally, Providers may be required to pay pavement degradation fees, and/or apply for Traffic Control Permits.

Note: Provider or Provider's contractors must be licensed, bonded, and insured prior to beginning an application for Right of Way Permits.  More information, and a list of contractors already licensed, bonded and insured can be found at the City Clerk's website for an Excavation License.

Department of Public Works