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Wellness & CSPD Officers

The Colorado Springs Police Department takes the emotional wellness and mental health of our sworn and civilian staff very seriously.  CSPD has a number of different Wellness Programs and has also partnered with other agencies to ensure employees have the resources they need to maintain a balanced and emotionally healthy life. Good mental health of our sworn and civilian staff results in more positive interactions with, and better service to, the members of our community.

CSPD has partnered with three different psychological service providers who are available to counsel officers and civilian personnel as needed. 

CSPD also has a robust peer support program that is continuing to grow.  Every member of the peer support team attends a 40-hour training class that is taught by a clinical psychologist.  Peer supporters do not provide counseling or therapy, but rather, they listen and are able to help guide others toward resources that might be beneficial to them.  Peer support is free and confidential.

CSPD has developed a Wellness Library so that officers and civilian personnel can access information easily on the CSPD Intranet Page. 

CSPD received grant funding to grow the wellness program.  CSPD continues to focus on providing resources to build resiliency for officers, civilian staff, and their families.  Strong mental health and wellness for our employees means better communication and interaction with the community members we serve.