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What is a  Smart City?


A "Smart City" focuses on resolving a community’s pressing issues and improving quality of life, using technology to collect, analyze, and model data for efficient resource and asset management, enabling data-driven decision-making.


Why have a  Smart City?

The Smart City, also known as an eco-city or a sustainable city, strives to raise the standard of urban services while cutting expenses. It is distinctive for its unique features, including smart management, lifestyle, mobility, housing, and a smart economy. Their fundamental objective is to balance technical advancement with the economic, social, and ecological issues facing cities of the future. The quality of life - how to coexist more harmoniously while preserving the environment - is their central concern.

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Smart COS Pillars


Vision - The City of Colorado Springs envisions a smart future for Colorado Springs – a future-ready city that utilizes technology and data to solve the most pressing issues in our community  efficiently and effectively. Our objective is to enrich the city through innovation and sustainability projects, making it a more desirable location for residents and visitors. A Smart City is the best solution to fulfilling the mission of the City of Colorado Springs: In Colorado Springs, we pride ourselves in being a “city that matches our scenery”, where we live, work, and play alongside the majestic Pikes Peak Mountain.