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1,000 Neighborhood Gatherings

Mental health is ALL of us. That’s why the City of Colorado Springs and our community partners are challenging residents to host 1,000 neighborhood gatherings this summer.

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2C Story Map

The 2C Road Improvement program is making a positive impact on our roads. Learn more about how this work protects your investment, saves you money and reduces potholes throughout the city.

Podcast: Paving the Way

How about that recent snowstorm? Mayor Yemi is here to talk about the city’s great response, along with the not so great result: potholes! The long term solution to potholes and other roadway maintenance is 2C and the Mayor explains why you need to know about it and vote to extend it!

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COS Ready

Prepare for an emergency with 3 steps:

  1. Sign up for Alerts
  2. Know your Zone
  3. Make a Plan

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